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1 August 2013

Two more youth team players send back their reports from earlier in the week.

Denmark Diary – Day 9 Tuesday 30th July, 2013

Today was the day before our game against FC Copenhagen so we had just a single session in the morning. After breakfast we jogged as a group to the gym where we had our session. The run took about 15 minutes and was at a good pace. At the gym we were split into three training groups.

The three groups were split across upper body – shoulder press, single arm row, pull-ups, and press-ups; lower body – lunges, squats, straight leg dead-lifts, and step-ups; and a light bike session. We rotated around the three areas. 

After the gym session we all walked back to the hotel to relax and have our dinner.

After dinner we all went on a two-hour guided tour of Odense town centre to follow the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen. 

We were told lots of interesting facts and visited lots of places including churches, statues, historical sites, and other landmarks.

This was the ‘cultural experience’ part of the trip. At the end of the guided tour the lady guide said that we were “the best group of young people” she had ever taken on a tour which made all the staff and players very proud.

After the tour we had some time to relax before our tea. After tea we all went for a walk through the town and a park to keep our bodies and minds stimulated and to have another opportunity to see more of the town and get some fresh air.

After this we were able to chill out ahead of tomorrow’s game and journey to Copenhagen. As always, it was lights out at 22.00 for a good night’s rest as we look for a big improvement in our performance.

By Ellis Gibbons and Matthew Hamilton.

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