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27 July 2013

Lloyd Bannister and Liam Lambert report back from Youth Team trip

Denmark Diary – Day 6 Saturday 27th July, 2013
Today we woke at 8am for breakfast at 8.15am to enjoy our first meal of the day, knowing it was an important meal because of the game that lied ahead.

Breakfast consisted of cornflakes, bread, ham, water, and fruit juice, so plenty of carbohydrates to fuel our bodies.

After breakfast we had a couple of things to do including a mental and physical relaxation session in the pool and organising our suitcases for the transfer to Odense after the game.

As a ‘thank you’ gesture to the manager of the Vildbjerg Sports Complex we all signed one of the new Wigan Athletic shirts which he really liked. 

We then had another meal before our three hour journey to the game against FF Silkeborg.

There was lots of variety including pasta, bread, chicken, beans, eggs, and tomatoes, so lots of carbohydrates and protein before the match. There was also fruit available on the coach to the game.

By Lloyd Bannister.

When we arrived at the ground to play FF Silkeborg we all helped with the equipment and kit as well as with our own boots.

The players then went onto the pitch while the kit was organised and the warm-up was set up by the coaches.

We had to be quick to get changed and ready for the warm-up. Our physio took us through some dynamic movements and static stretches to prepare our muscles for the game.

When we were physically ready and able to perform our sprints we went into a possession practice with one of the coaches. After the warm-up we had a few final words and reminders from the coaches before the kick-off.

The game was a 2 o’ clock kick-off. The first half wasn’t too bad at all as we created quite a few chances and played quite well at times. We conceded one goal which was disappointing so were losing 1-0 at half-time.

The second half was not a very strong performance at all and was very disappointing all over.

It was hard to take any positives from the second half. We were all bitterly disappointed. We lost the game 5-0 to an U19 team but that is no excuse. 

After a heavy defeat the journey to Odense seemed long as it was hot and humid, the coach was very smart but quite quiet.

The Hotel in Odense is very nice and modern, once we arrived and took our luggage into our rooms we went for tea in the hotel restaurant.

After tea we went for a walk and to get some snacks from a local shop. At 10 o’ clock we all went to bed to sleep at the end of a day that was full of mixed emotions.

By Liam Lambert.

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