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4 November 2017

Wigan Walkers Football Club have over 60 members.

  • Over 40 participants from seven teams took part in the tournament.
  • Wigan Walkers were formed in 2014 and regularly compete in tournaments across the UK.
  • Walking football has a number of physical and mental benefits.

First team players Chey Dunkley and Terell Thomas recently visited Wigan Walkers Football Club’s walking football tournament.

Over 40 participants from seven teams across the North of England took part in the event which saw Wigan Walkers win in the final.

The club, which is for people over the age of 50, was formed in September 2014 and currently has over 60 members playing football on a weekly basis at tournaments across the country.

Barry Worthington from Wigan Walkers FC, said: “Over the summer our numbers have increased greatly and we’ve got a lot of new faces involved. The club is expanding and the game is expanding in Wigan and surrounding areas too which is great to see.”

Walking football has a number of physical and mental benefits, and is a fantastic way for older people to make new friends and socialise.

Jim Moss, 79, from Wigan Walkers FC, said: “I had a quadruple heart bypass six years ago and it took me about 18 months to recover, and it was after that I started playing walking football. I feel absolutely incredible now and play three times a week. I just can’t get enough of it.

He added: “I never thought I’d be able to play football again but walking football has given me a new lease of life, and hopefully if I don’t pick up too many injuries, an extended life.”

Wigan Walkers run sessions at Wigan Soccerdome every Monday and Wednesday at 10.30am, and all players over 50 years of age are welcome to attend.

Chey said: “A lot of community visits players do are in schools, so it was nice to do something a bit different and come to this event to meet some of the older Latics supporters. It was great to watch the tournament and the standard was so high.

He added: “I didn’t really know a lot about walking football before I came here, but it’s such a good game for older people to play. It keeps them fit and healthy but also has that competitive edge to it as well which is just the nature of football really. I enjoyed it a lot.”

For more information about Wigan Walkers Football Club, please visit or email

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