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12 August 2018

Quick fire questions with our USMNT full back on loan from Everton.

  • Getting to Know: Antonee 'Jedi' Robinson.
  • We find out what's in the nickname and Jedi's favourite Star Wars film and character.
  • Antonee tells us of the Arsenal legend he idolised as a boy and more about his eligibility for the USA.

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Antonee 'Jedi' Robinson was our latest Getting to Know guest on Latics Listen this week, following in the footsteps of Kal Naismith and Callum McManaman to give us an insight into his life!

So Antonee, what's in the nickname?

When I was growing up I used to love Star Wars as a kid and it caught on from me being about five-years-old. I started getting called Jedi by team mates and coaches as well growing up and it's stuck so much that I introduce myself as Jedi these days just to make it easier. There's quite a bit of force in it.

The next question is easy then... favourite Star Wars film?

Return of the Jedi.

Favourite Star Wars character?

Probably the young Anakin Skywalker in the newer films.

What's your background and how are you eligible to play for the US Men's National Team?

My Grandma moved to the US from Jamaica and my Dad moved there when he was nine-years-old, so he grew up there and played football in college over there. That's how I've got my citizenship. I got my first call up to an under 18 camp when I was 17 and I got my first team call up in March and then again in May when I made my debut.

What's the lasting memory you take from your international debut?

It's got to be my assist. I got the ball and ran out of options, so I took the man on and whipped the ball in for my room mate Tim Weah who scored a great goal.

What was it like lining up for the national anthem?

It was a special moment. It's a proud moment to be accepted and at every sporting event the national anthem is respected.

Who was your boyhood idol?

Thierry Henry and Arsenal were my favourite team as a kid because of him. I played as a forward or a left winger as a kid and used to score a lot of goals. I loved the way he played with his pace and dribbling ability and his finishing was unreal.

Coming through the ranks at Everton, who did you look up to the most?

Leighton Baines. When I got moved out to left back he was the model professional to watch.

2018-19 Season Cards

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