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6 August 2018

Hear about Callum McManaman's football idol, boxing, his debut memories and his favourite moment in football... not the FA Cup!

  • Latics Listen: Get to know Callum McManaman.
  • 27-year-old winger made his competitive return to Latics against Sheffield Wednesday.
  • McManaman reveals more on his boyhood idol, debut memories and his best friend in football.

Callum McManaman sat down for our brand new for 2018-19 podcast 'Latics Listen' recently to lift the lid on his likes, dislikes, influences and favourite moments, with some pretty interesting conclusions!

Take a listen below for yourself from 9:30 onwards! Don't forget to subscribe for the latest episode every Thursday!

Here's a little bit more from Callum...

Who was your favourite player growing up?

Duncan Ferguson. I loved Everton and my whole family is blue, so he was a natural choice really.

What's your favourite sport other than football?

Boxing. I just like a good scrap! I admire the mental strength they use. I love watching videos of how they train, how they've got to fine tune their bodies to make the weight. The mental preparation fascinates me because football is the same. The mental side of football doesn't always get spoken about and for boxers it's an even tougher part of their sport, so great credit to them.

Who's been the biggest influence on your career?

My Dad. I've had a big following of friends and family since the word go, I don't think it's as big as it was when I first broke through, but that support helped me massively when I was younger, especially my first time here.

Who's been your biggest influence in football?

There have been a few. Graham Barrow was a massive influence, Tosh Farrell at Everton as well when I was younger. The list is endless to be honest because there have been so many people who have helped me get to where I am today.

What's your favourite moment in football?

Callum McManaman celebration v Hull City January 2011

Callum celebrating his goal against Hull City.

Everyone is going to think the FA Cup of course, but the one that sticks out to me the most is the Hull City game in the FA Cup. It's where it all really started for me, I scored out second goal on the day and all my mates ran onto the pitch to celebrate. That's still their claim to fame and it gets brought up every now and again.

What do you remember about your Latics debut?

Callum McManaman debut action v Portsmouth
Callum in action against Portsmouth on his Latics debut.

All I can remember from that game against Portsmouth was coming on and going straight into a 50-50 with Papa Bouba Diop and he sliced my knee open, but I won the tackle. I remember going through him, but he was a big lad and he got me knee. It's my only memory of that game because the rest of it is just a blur.

Who's your best friend in football?

Jordan Mustoe Nick Meace and Callum McManaman professional contract unveiling v Manchester United
Jordan Mustoe (left), Nick Meace (centre) and Callum McManaman (right) at their professional contract unveiling.

Jordan Mustoe. He was at Wigan with me when I was coming through. When he's home I make sure I see him, but he's not been home for a while because he's just moved from Belgium to Finland. He's doing really well up there, but I think he's good enough to play in England and I'd love to see him get a club back at home. He's been away for that long now that I'm not sure he'd come back, he always says how well he's getting on.

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