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24 May 2018

Max pens an emotional but funny tribute to his best mate David Perkins as the midfielder leaves Wigan Athletic after three years at the DW Stadium.

  • Max Power tribute to David Perkins
  • David Perkins leaves Wigan Athletic to join Rochdale on 1 July
  • Max Power: “Other than my Mrs Alex and my kids, there’s no one I’ve spent more time with in the last 3 years than with Perks.”

Latics midfielder Max Power penned this tribute to David Perkins after hearing the news his best mate would be leaving the club to sign for Rochdale:

Other than my Mrs Alex and my kids, there’s no one I’ve spent more time with in the last 3 years than Perks. As many of you will already know we’ve been joined by the hip during our time together at Wigan.

Football has a funny way of throwing relationships together. I remember watching Perks play for Colchester at Prenton Park against Tranmere many years ago when I was probably 13/14 years of age, the reason I remember him is because he had bleach blonde hair, his reason being - and I quote “the girls are all over it” - fast forward 8 years and we’ve become best mates!!

As anyone in the squad will tell you, he’s one of the funniest lads you’ll ever meet. He could bring a book out with the number of stories he’s got to tell. One of my favourites...

He went to Australia for one summer, spent 700 dollars on a new surfboard… headed into the water with zero surfing experience, attacked a wave, came flying off, bust his nose and decided surfing wasn’t for him... headed back to the shack to see if he could get his money back, he got offered 150 dollars... 550 dollars lost in 30 minutes!!

One thing I won’t miss, is him going into my wash bag, he’s used my deodorant, aftershave, tooth paste for the past 3 years, probably used my tooth brush as well!!

Like most things in life, nothing can last forever, and unfortunately that day has come where Perks moves on. I am sure I speak for everyone at the club when I say he will be sorely missed. He’s a fantastic pro who lives and breathes for football. He has been a massive part of the success of the club in recent years.

I wish him all the best and I am sure he’s got many years left in the tank. Rochdale are getting not only a great player, but a great person who will help all of the younger lads in the dressing room.

On a final note, I’m proud to say I was there the day Perks scored for Wigan. Blackpool away in storm Brian, what a moment.


Thanks Perks!

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