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23 November 2018

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Gavin Massey provides an update on his rehab process as he battles to come back from a 'freak' hamstring injury.

  • Latics Listen: Gavin Massey speaks to the official podcast.
  • Forward working hard to return from hamstring injury picked up against Queens Park Rangers.
  • Listen to Gavin's chat or read from the excerpt below.

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Speaking on episode 15 of the club's Latics Listen podcast, Gavin Massey provided a positive update on his recovery from what he describes as a 'freak' hamstring injury he suffered during Latics' visit to Queens Park Rangers back in August.

Massey has since had an operation to resolve the issue and returned to training on the grass at the Wigan Athletic Training Centre at Euxton earlier this month.

How you keeping?

“I'm good, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been outside doing bits and pieces, it feels good, I’ve not had a reaction. It’s a case of just maintaining and progressing it slowly over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully it wont be too long.

"It can be a bit of a nightmare being in the gym but obviously it was good to get outside, it was a bit of surprise when the gaffer told me I was going out doing a little bit of ball work.

"That was the first time since QPR I’ve done that. It felt good to get back out there, and get some fresh air. I’m in the gym still but I’m doing more outside, so hopefully I can get up to speed and be back quite soon."

It must feel like you’ve had to do pre-season all over again?

"It has definitely felt like a pre-season. It has been a lot of hard work, you have got to get your fitness up and get up to speed because there are a lot of fit teams.

"Match fitness is a bit different because you will only get that playing football. Once I’m mixed in back with the team over the next few weeks going into December, hopefully I will build up that fitness, get my leg strong again, get the confidence to hopefully come back."

Did you know instantly it was a bad one or did you have to wait and see?

"It was a difficult one, I knew I’d have to come off when I fell over but it didn’t feel as bad when I was on the ground. When I tried getting back up and I couldn’t walk, that's when I knew it was going to be a pretty bad one.

"My physio and I both knew it wasn’t going to be a good one. We waited for the swelling to go down, I had the scan then got a call back and they told me it was going to need an operation.

"With the operation, it limits the risk of it happening again. I could have left it to heal and then done strengthening but it wouldn’t have been worth it in the long run. So I thought get it done, then build up my strength which was better than before so I think in the long run it’s been beneficial.

"It was a funny one because Will Grigg did his running and that’s how they’re naturally done. It was weird because I got tackled from behind. I did an exercise to strengthen my hamstring on the pitch, and over did it. It was a freak injury."

Have you been targeting a Christmas period to return?

"The physio and I have a date in our minds but obviously it’s important not to rush it because you don’t want to redo the injury.

"All of the staff and myself are all confident when the right time to put me back in full training will be. Hopefully it’s not too far away because we’re coming into the end of November and the operation was set to be a month recovery.

"The last month is all about getting up to speed and process. We’re hitting that stage now so hopefully we’re not too far away."

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