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2 October 2018

Cedric answers your questions on the latest episode of Latics Listen, the official Wigan Athletic podcast.

  • Latics Listen Episode 9 - Getting to Know You with Cedric Kipre.
  • Do you put pineapple on a pizza? Cedric answers the important questions!
  • Cedric on PSG, N'Golo Kante, arm wrestling Chey Dunkley and playing number 9.

Swansea City H

In our twist on our regular Getting to Know You feature from the official podcast Latics Listen, Cedric Kipre answered some of the questions posed to him by Wigan Athletic supporters on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, with some interesting results!

Listen below from 10:50 to hear from Cedric himself and be sure to subscribe via Spotify, Apple Podcasts or across your favourite listening platform!

Here's an excerpt from our catch up with Cedric...

How are things going for you so far? - Alan Maloney

"Everything is going really well. We're in a good position in the table and we've been playing some good football, so everyone is happy."

Who's the best player you've played with so far? - Greg Pryce

"I didn't actually play in the team with him, but I trained a lot with him. N'Golo Kante is one of the best midfielders in the world and it was a pleasure to watch him train every day.

"He works really hard and he trains like he's playing in a game.

"I know him very well. We lived quite close to each other growing up in Paris and I lived with him when I was at Leicester City. I didn't have anywhere to stay at first, but he took me in for a month which was a very nice offer.

"It makes me very happy to see what he has achieved. He's a World Cup winner and he was named in the World XI recently, he really deserves everything he gets."

Have you ever played number 9? - Jeff Schofield

"I used to be a striker. I moved to playing on the wing, then into the centre of midfield and now I'm a centre back.

"I've still got a little bit of the number 9 about me, maybe one day you'll see it in the box."

Are you vocal or quiet in the dressing room? - Keith Bentham

"I'm pretty quiet in the changing room, I like to keep myself to myself."

Who was your inspiration growing up? - Ben Galbraith

"Mamadou Sakho. I was at PSG when he played there and I used to model myself on him."

What was it like growing up at PSG?

"I loved my time there. It was and still is a very good platform for young players in France and I learned a lot of things."

How many times do you work out in the gym... because you're an absolute beast? - David Askew

"Not a lot to be honest. All I do is core work, I don't actually lift a lot of weights. Chicken and rice is the key, I ate it all the time when I was younger."

Do you put pineapple on pizza? - Nathan Harvey

"No. No way."

What would be on your perfect pizza then?

"Chicken, chicken and chicken. I just love chicken."

When are you getting Chey Dunkley to dye his hair like yours? - Josh Hobson

"I told Chey to do it, but I think he's scared. He says he doesn't want to change anything because everything is going well, but I think he should do it."

Who would win in an arm wrestle... you or Chey?

"Me for sure."

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