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11 September 2018

Mike Tyson, The Rock and Denzel Washington... it's quite the star-studded line-up as we get to know Chey Dunkley!

  • Getting to Know You with Latics defender Chey Dunkley.
  • We get to learn more about Chey away from the dressing room with his favourite boxer, wrestler and actor... no, not all in one!
  • Chey was the latest to feature on the official podcast, Latics Listen.

2018-19 Season Cards

Speaking for episode six of Latics Listen, the official Wigan Athletic podcast, Chey Dunkley was guest on Getting to Know You, where we get under the skin of this season's squad to find out more about the characters within!

Listen to Chey's chat from 6:00 below, or get the latest episodes of Latics Listen by searching for us on iTunes and Spotify!

Here's a brief excerpt from Chey's 'Getting to Know'!

What's your favourite sport other than football?

"I like a lot of sports to be fair. I watch the NBA when it gets to the nitty gritty of the play offs and boxing is the talk at the moment for a lot of people with what's going on in the heavyweight division."

Who's your favourite boxer of all time?

"When you watch his highlights and any of his fights from over the years I'd go back to Mike Tyson because he was just a beast in the ring."

Your pretty active on Twitter, what sort of stuff regularly comes up on your timeline?

There's a lot of 1990s WWE. That's the era I watched a lot of wrestling when I was growing up.

Who was your favourite wrestler?

"For the punchlines it was definitely The Rock and I really liked Steve Austin as well. DX were definitelty the best faction."

The Rock went into acting after wrestling, what's your favourite film of his?

"The last film I saw with him in was the new Jumanji film. I liked the Scorpion King at the time it came out because he was just starting out in Hollywood and anything he touched then I was a big fan of."

Who is your favourite actor?

"Denzel Washington. Training Day is one of my favourite films. He seems like such a cool guy in his films."

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