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8 February 2019

We find out more about Wigan Athletic's latest signing Jonas Olsson on episode 25 of Latics Listen...

  • Getting to Know... Jonas Olsson
  • We find out more about Wigan Athletic's latest signing, former West Bromwich Albion defender and Swedish international Jonas Olsson
  • Olsson talks footballing idols, karaoke, motivation and Paul Scharner!

Speaking for episode 25 of Latics Listen, the official Wigan Athletic podcast, new signing Jonas Olsson was guest on Getting to Know You, where we get under the skin of this season's squad to find out more about the characters within!

Listen to Jonas' chat below, or get the latest episodes of Latics Listen by searching for us on iTunes and Spotify!

Who’s your footballing hero?

“In terms of football, I think it was Diego Maradona. Growing up in the 80s, I remember watching him and following him when he played for Napoli and the World Cup in 1994.

“Hero, in terms of outside football, I’m very into music, Bob Dylan is a massive hero of mine in terms of music and lyrics.”

What central defender did you model yourself on when growing up?

“In my growing up years, I was following United and the defending partnership of (Rio) Ferdinand and (Nemanja) Vidic, they were an inspiration to me. In terms of Swedish centre-halves, I would say Olof Mellberg from Aston Villa, I got a chance to play with him in the national team so that was a good experience.

“My dad as well, he was playing professionally in Sweden before my time, he was also a central defender too, so I looked up to him and got a lot of advice from him during my career.”

Do you have any fears or superstitions in football?

“I’ve never had any superstitions, I believe in preparation, I think that’s always been a good quality of mine, professional throughout my career and well prepared from every game I’ve played.

“Obviously every player has good days and bad days, but I’ve always felt prepared for the game in that aspect.

“For fears, of course, sometimes you feel abit nervous going into games, but you have to balance that, it’s good to have a little bit but it can’t take the upper-hand on you. I think most players feel this before the game as on the pitch, you’re always focused as you’ve been training all week.”

What motivates you as a player?

“It’s doing well for my team-mates, the coaching staff. They put confidence in you, and you pay them back by playing well and giving your all, so that’s always the most important thing for me.

“I think the beauty of football is coming together as a team and playing well, especially with different players, personalities and players coming in from overseas, that’s the best part for me.”

Who is the best individual player you have ever played with?

“I think as a team-mate, there is no doubt that it is Zlatan Ibrahimović. I’ve played with him for seven or eight years in Sweden.

“I think as an opponent it’s either Ronaldo or Messi, those two really stand-out. I also think Drogba from his time at Chelsea, I was very impressed by him, but Ronaldo and Messi are different level and I think when they retire and you look back on their careers, they will be up there with the very best in the game.”

What would you say your favourite holiday is?

“I like travelling, I see myself as an urban person. I love New York, London and Paris. If I was to choose where to go on holiday, it would probably be one of those places.”

Whats your karaoke song?

“I think you have to go with something that everyone knows, I do play a bit of guitar so I might stick some of that in there, but I think Oasis, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ is a good one, I’ll need to learn and read up on the lyrics.”

If you were a superhero, which superpower would you have?

“I think Superman, I love travelling so I think flying would be effective in the modern day.”

What was it like playing with Paul Scharner, who was quite a character back in his playing days?

“He’s a crazy man, both on and off the pitch. I got along really well with him, I always tend to appreciate those personalities, players go their own way and I think Paul embodies that.

“I really enjoyed playing with him, I know he had a great time here and that he is well appreciated by the fans, it was the same thing at West Bromwich Albion.

“He’s a great guy, I know he is still playing in the lower leagues in Austria but I’ve heard he comes back to watch the games here occasionally, so it would be nice if he came back that’s for sure.”

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