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28 February 2019

Saturday's programme cover star tells us all about the goalkeeping group’s approach to preparation and analysis, his first steps into the Championship and how the GK union at Latics is as tight as ever.

  • Match Day Programme Edition 18: Jamie Jones.
  • Latics' goalkeeper delighted with recent involvement following his Championship debut.
  • Jones' interview can be read in full in the programme, with audio available on this week's episode of Latics Listen.

Speaking for Saturday's match day programme for the fixture against Middlesbrough at the DW Stadium, goalkeeper Jamie Jones covered a range of subjects, discussing how the group of keepers working with coach Nick Colgan are analysing performance and training, the unity amongst the goalkeeping fraternity and how he's constantly striving to learn and improve.


You can read an excerpt from Jamie's chat below, or listen in full on this week's episode of our podcast Latics Listen.

As a group of goalkeepers, you’ve been looking at ways to continually improve performance, tell us a little bit about the camera behind your goal and how you’re using that for analysis after each game…

“It shows off our saves nicely and the two against Ipswich that the guys put out on social media were really good to watch back, but it’s far more than just something to make us look good, it helps to add to our game.

“We don’t get as many camera angles in the Championship as they do in the Premier League, so we decided to add the camera behind our goal and it’s a great addition by Nick Colgan our goalkeeping coach.

“It helps us with our starting positions, we can analyse where the best position to start is, what areas of the goal we need to cover more etc. It really helps us to set positions from shots at different distances.

“Starting position is one of my strong points which is why I like sweeping up at the back so much, I always like to be on the front foot.

“Some things look easy in matches, but it’s not always as easy as it looks and we’re always brushing up on things to keep in top form.”

Nick Colgan has been using cameras in training as well, what benefit does that bring when it comes to match day?

“Again, this is something Nick has implemented and it’s really helped us. You can look back at your habits, starting position and set positions.

“Some goalkeepers have a tendency to have a little jump before a shot and some people jump too high, they’re just examples of things you can brush up on by watching training clips back and that could make the difference between making a save or not come Saturday afternoon.

“Nick is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with and the attention to detail is brilliant. We go out there every single day and enjoy it because we learn so much from the work he does with us.

“We reap the rewards with every clean sheet we keep, you only have to look at the statistics from last season and then carrying over into the Championship.”

You and Christian Walton had a great season sharing the responsibility last year and he started this season between the sticks for us, how has the goalkeeping group been with the recent change?

“It’s always tough being a goalkeeper because you’re either in the team or you’re not, very few managers regularly rotate their goalkeepers.

“I was great with Christian when he was in, giving him advice when he needed it with my experience and giving him praise when he deserved it. Some games he came off thinking he hadn’t done as well as he could and I’d tell him just how good a job he was doing, which he then brought into the following week and it gave him confidence. He’s doing the same with me now that I’m playing.

“As goalkeepers we’re all unique in our ways and I think the proof is in how tight we are as a group, me, Christian, Owen Evans and Dan Lavercombe, all work to support each other no matter who has the shirt on a Saturday.

“We work hard Monday to Friday to help each other and make sure that the performance is key. I’ve always been of the thought that all of the keepers should get clean sheet bonuses if it does happen on a Saturday, not just the one keeper playing, but everyone involved that week building up to the game.”

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