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17 January 2019

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Back between the sticks, Jamie Jones discusses his vocal style, celebrating on his own and how Latics supporters are helping the team to turn around difficult results in recent weeks.

  • Latics Listen - Jamie Jones.
  • Goalkeeper Jamie Jones talks about his return to the starting XI against Aston Villa.
  • "I'm so passionate about who I play for." - Jamie Jones.

Speaking on the 22nd episode of our podcast, Latics Listen, goalkeeper Jamie Jones discussed his return to the team, the goals and performance against Aston Villa last weekend, his own personal (and vocal) style of goalkeeping and how Latics supporters gave the team the extra percentage to claim Saturday's 3-0 victory.

"It's good to be out there again," Jones told Latics Listen.

"The gaffer gave me the nod after me playing well in the FA Cup game and that meant a lot to me."

Jones' return was highlighted by his team mates, and despite a short lapse in communication between the goalkeeper and centre back Cedric Kipre in the first half, Jones spoke freely about how his constant talking throughout games is one of the strongest parts of his game.

"I just like to help them out. Chey loves me talking when I'm playing, so does Cedric. It's good to give them advice and warnings, things to do and where to go.

"I'll always offer and option for them to come back to me. Praising the defenders is one of my big things, it gives people a boost. It might give Chey an extra five percent lift if he makes a header and I tell him how good it was and he might need that lift later in a game. It gives players more confidence and sometimes that's the difference between keeping a clean sheet and not, or winning games and not.

"It gets me through games as well, if I'm helping them out, they're helping me out and there's no way we're letting that ball go in the back of our net.

For the moment with Kipre in the first half, Jones continued:

"We lost eye contact. I went to roll him the ball and we just lost eye contact. He went for the movement and I went to roll him the ball quickly to get our tempo up because I like building tempo from the back. The big moments have been going against us lately, but thankfully this one didn't. We don't dwell on things like that, it was early in the game and we moved on from it.

"I like to get the ball out quickly because when we're playing with a good tempo we don't half play some lovely football."

On returning between the sticks and his first appearance at home this season, Jones added:

"It's been difficult because we'd lost our previous three games at home without scoring a goal, but there was something about that game on Saturday. The fans had belief behind us, you could feel it when we walked out and we started really well. They believe in us and as players you sense that.

"When the first goal went in a did want to be closer to the action so I could celebrate with the lads, but I have my own little party at the back, I'm always running about celebrating with my family in the stand. There's no better feeling than when the ball hits the back of the net for everyone.

"I'm so passionate about who I play for. You grow to love a club, whether you're at a club for six months or six years, you grow into it. The fans do everything for you and you have to do everything for the fans. Being as passionate and as loyal to the fans who come and pay your wages, because it doesn't half help when everyone shows that passion.

"I get caught up in the moment sometimes, especially when it's the first goal because the first goal at this level isn't half key."

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