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1 March 2019

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Get under the skin of midfielder Beni Baningime in our latest podcast feature.

  • Latics Listen 28 - Getting to Know, Beni Baningime.
  • Midfielder tells us what motivates him and what he enjoys most about football.
  • Beni wanted to be a doctor and said Samy Morsy would be his go-to guy if he was stranded on a desert island.

Speaking on the latest episode of our podcast, Latics Listen, Everton loanee Beni Baningime became our latest star in the Getting to Know You chair!

We always tested him on his knowledge of his home town with a little Wiganese lesson... take a listen below.

What motivates you to work hard?

“Obviously it has to be the fans, you don’t want to let them down, but I think for me its more for my family. When they come to see me, I want to play well, and it gives me that excitement too.”

What is your favourite thing about your career as a footballer?

“All of it comes in to play really, especially when you’ve had a good result or even when the fans are supporting you and you appreciate their support, it all pulls together really.

“It’s the feeling of just being a footballer, coming in and training every day, it’s the greatest job in the world.”

What would you say is the proudest accomplishment of your career so far?

“I think playing in the Europa League, even making your debut, it’s a great competition so that was one of the biggest moments for me.”

You’ve been here for a while now, who makes you laugh the most within the squad?

“I’d say Garns (Joe Garner) and Robbo (Gary Roberts) they’re always making jokes so it’s good to have them in and around the changing rooms.”

If you could do anything else for a day, other than football, what would it be?

“You’d always like to do something else sometimes, so I’d probably say being a doctor.

“My dad was a doctor so if I didn’t make it into football, I would have gone down something along the lines of that.”

If you were a stranded on a desert island, which team mate would you want with you and which one would you definitely not want with you?

“I’d probably want a hard worker with me, so I would have to go with Sam Morsy, he will find the things you need and take charge.

“I would be panicking and needing someone that is cool-headed and calm about the situation so I’d probably say I wouldn’t take myself."

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